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So what happens when one day you realise the career you were working towards is not now what you are looking for.   You have worked for a number of years slogged it out working hard to get those promotions.   It seems as though things have gone so fast you have not stopped to take breath.

 That is until one day you awaken from the haze of life and realise that you don’t want to be doing the job you are doing every day but something else.   Ok for a lot of people that day of clarity doesn’t come.  Instead you stay in that job unhappy but too fearful to make a change or until someone else makes the decision for you and you lose your job through being sacked or being made redundant.

Take heart, there are so many success stories that have come out of someone being made redundant, yes it is a difficult process but once catapulted into having to go and find something else to do, so many individuals decide to eventually pursue that dream that they have been harbouring for so long.   Fear of the unknown is what keeps many of us in jobs that make us unhappy.

I like to think of FEAR as Forget Easy take Action and get the Reward.

Yes it is may be easier in the short term to stay where you currently are but what could happen if you were to take action and make some changes to your career?

Breaking up is hard to do….

It was about two years ago that I found myself in the position where I had been working and being pretty successful at what I did.  Then suddenly ‘it’ came out of the blue I had a realisation that I wasn’t getting the satisfaction from my job that I once did and I took action to change that.


“I do not believe in making a right decision, I take a decision and make it right”

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

 5 tell tale signs you should break up or have a trial separation           

Face the music

  • You dread going in to work and this is not just the reserve of the Sunday night or Monday morning but most days.

Social Surfing

  • Distraction therapy browsing social media or other sites just to take you away from the humdrum of work… of course not on the work computer as that could be tracked (speaking as a recovering HR person).

Sinister Daydreams

  • You start to think about a way that would give you some time off from work and daydream about how having a bout of the flu or a wee trip up would incapacitate you enough to give you some time off but not be serious enough to have long-term health consequences.

Just not feeling it

  • When you achieve something at work which you would have previously had you over the moon but now it just feels a bit mmhhh. What is it that is taking the shine off and dulling the experience for you?

Unhappiness at work seeping in to your home life

  • Here is the scenario: you work all day, you get annoyed with work and then talk to your family and friends about how annoyed you are with work.  When you have exhausted the good nature of all your friends and your family by expressing your discontent at every opportunity you start talking with people who you have just met about how unhappy you are at work. (you may not even realise you are doing this but if you find that people a starting to make excuses to get away from you then think on, someone that you don’t know who moans a lot about work is not interesting and people will choose to spend their time elsewhere)

“Be the radiator not the drain”

It is now almost a year to the day since I left my permanent job and so much has changed in that time.   I have lived in another country something I had never done before, visited San Francisco and China and now a member of a company board as well as continuing to grow my own business.

Is it time you thought about breaking up with your job.    Look out for my next instalment where you can take the career values quiz.