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Life Coaching FAQ

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is where you work with a coach to progress in life, identifying the here and now and shaping what you want the future to look like and putting the building blocks in place to reach that destination.

At Corallium Coaching we use proven coaching methods that are aligned to our client’s needs to create or shape their goals, identify and dispersing any barriers and build commitment, so that the client’s desires become reality.

How does Life Coaching work?

Coaching happens through powerful conversation in which the coach supports, challenges and encourages you to achieve.  Coaching can only really be effective if it is a collaborative process in which all parties put in effort and commitment to achieve results.

During the initial coaching consultation it is important to be clear on what coaching is and here at Corallium Coaching we want to maintain our unblemished success rate, that is why we only coach individuals who are 100% committed to making the changes they have dreamt of.

Coaching can take place on the phone, via Skype video call or in person if you are located within the Glasgow, Edinburgh or Central Scotland area.

What can Life Coaching help with?

Life Coaching can help people with many different aspects of an individual’s life such as resolving general problems in their personal life, overcoming obstacles and challenges, mapping and aligning their life to their personal values and so much more.  At Corallium Coaching we specialise in providing Life Coaching for those who wish to progress or make changes in their career as well as personalised stress management coaching.

How long does Life Coaching take?

Life Coaching sessions can be from 30 minutes up to 1 hour.  Whilst we offer individual one hour coaching sessions we would recommend our getting started package which guarantees our client’s four individually focussed coaching sessions.

Why should I choose Corallium Coaching?

At Corallium Coaching our aim is to work with you to gain results.  We will only coach individuals who are committed to the coaching process.  In turn you can expect to receive coaching by a fully trained, professional coach who has a proven track record in getting results.

Where is my Life Coaching services available?

I am based just outside Glasgow in a town called Helensburgh. While most of my work is done within Central Scotland my client base covers many towns and villages. From Clydebank and Dumbarton to Perth, Dundee and Stirling to many other smaller towns within Dunbartonshire, Argyll and Bute and Glasgow.  Out with these areas I offer an online coaching service for people who’d prefer the option of home coaching . Using the latest online technology I have been able to achieve high levels of service for clients hundreds of miles away via computer and webcam.

 Corallium Life Coaching Leaflet

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