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Mediation Services Glasgow Scotland

Workplace Mediation

Conflict in the workplace can be extremely costly to an organisation and also be very difficult and stressful for the parties involved. Workplace conflict can result in time consuming formal processes, increased sickness absence, low morale, higher staff turnover and recruitment costs as well as many more negative consequences.

At Corallium Coaching we offer a workplace mediation service provided by an ACAS trained mediator who is also formally accredited by the Oxford and Cambridge Results board (OCR) who is a leading UK awarding body. A mediator is an impartial third party who will help individuals who are involved in a dispute or conflict with a view to reaching an agreement.

Why Choose Mediation?

• Faster and more effective than formal processes
• Flexible – the informal approach means that it can be used to suit a number of different circumstances
• Confidentiality – is critical to mediation it allows the parties to be open and honest with each other through a facilitated process without fear of being judged by the mediator
• Cost effective – mediation focuses on getting resolution to workplace conflict and with proven success it is more cost effective than formal internal processes or the employment tribunal process
• Stops Dispute escalation
• Lead to a more productive working environment

How mediation works

Many disputes can be resolved in one day even if they have been many months or in some cases years in the making.

As mediation is flexible it makes it suitable for many work related conflicts, for example where two individuals do not get on or an individual has raised a complaint or grievance about their manager. Mediation is not only beneficial to resolving conflict between two parties it can also help teams who are experiencing conflict which could be as a result of a lack of cooperation or trust.

Mediation Services Glasgow Scotland

The three step model above provides you with a simplified version of the mediation process. During each step our mediator will use their skills and knowledge that they have developed through formal training and honed through experience of managing workplace mediation. To find out more about our mediation services phone 07899867848.  I am also a registered practitioner with the Scottish Mediation Network at www.scottishmediation.org.uk.

Watch this short video on mediation


Where is my Mediation services available?

I am based just outside Glasgow in a town called Helensburgh.  However, my mediation services are available throughout the UK, Scotland and Ireland.   While most of my work is done within Central Scotland my client base covers many towns and cities. From Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Perth, Dundee and Stirling.  Mediation services are typically delivered in the client’s workplace however, at Corallium we can provide mediation services in other locations such as hotels, meeting rooms or other suitable venues as and when required.

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