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Corallium Coaching – Profile

Picture this, You have the power within…. You just need to find the key to unlock the answers.

training-services-glasgow-scotlandAsk yourself?

• Do you want to take control of your life and improve your future prospects?
• Do you want to progress or change your career?
• Do you want to take more control of your life and feel less stressed?
• Are there aspects of your life that you are dissatisfied and want to change?

When you climb a mountain it is not easy, there may be stumbles along the way and at times you may consider giving up, but if you don’t give up you are rewarded by the spectacular view that you can only see when you get to the top.

That is how I would describe coaching it may not be easy, and to make change it will be challenging but you will be rewarded along the way…

Do not wait any longer to make those positive changes in your life, engage with Corallium Coaching and you will be working with someone who has a proven track record in developing and transforming people.

With over a decade working in large global organisations I have seen the impact that powerful coaching conversations can have and how they can change people for the better. Uncovering the steps is the first bit beyond that, you will be positively challenged to take action and embrace change.

Having had extensive experience in a corporate environment I have led and successfully delivered organisation change. At the age of 30, I reached the dizzy heights of being a Director of a large global organisation, and instead of feeling in control, confident and composed I felt the opposite.

So what did I do?

Through being coached I was able to evaporate the fog and regain confidence through taking control of my own destiny. It is through these experiences that I decided to start Life Coaching others.

The coaching that I offer is not just for the disillusioned or those in search of what path to tread or which way to turn. You may well be successful in your career and want to go further or thinking of starting a new venture, then my coaching is just as critical for you. Whatever the reason for you seeking coaching Corallium Coaching can help, by guiding you to reach beyond where you thought was possible.

A bit more about me, I am a Chartered Member of the Institute of Personnel Development, I have a degree in Human Resource Management and I am a qualified professional Life Coach, CBT Therapist, NLP Practitioner and Mediator. I use a blended approach tailored to each client to help them achieve results.

In the last decade I have worked in the voluntary, public and private sectors and more latterly working as an HR Director leading HR and People Strategy.

I live outside of Glasgow and provide coaching services by phone, Skype or in person location permitting.